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Solve derivatives using the definition

Now you can solve common derivatives using the definition of derivative! Have you ever wondered where the derivative formulas came from? Learn how to solve derivatives of common functions using the definition of derivative, which is the limit of difference quotients of real numbers.
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Methods for solving Trigonometric Identities

Now you can choose from which side you want to prove! Select between three different resolution methods: prove from LHS (left side of identity), prove from RHS (right side of identity), and prove by expressing both sides of the identity in terms of the trigonometric functions sine and cosine.
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Weierstrass Substitution

Solve complex trig integrals! Now you can solve integrals by the Weierstrass Substitution method (also known as universal substitution or tangent half-angle substitution). This method allows us to convert integrals of trigonometric functions into an algebraic expression, generally easier to integrate than the original function.
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Tabular Integration

Integrate in an easier way! Now you can solve integrals by the tabular method, which is a variant of the integration by parts method and is applied to the product of two functions, where one must be polynomial and the other transcendent (trigonometric functions, exponentials, etc.).
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